• Professor Michalopoulou Maria, Vice Rector of DUTH

  • Development, implementation and monitoring of quality assurance services, processes and functions of SARF DUTH.
    Head of Department: Ioannis Dafnis
    • Registration and organization - archiving of incoming and outgoing documents
    • Planning of the Daily Agenda and drafting of the minutes and decisions of the Research Committee Meetings
    • Secretarial support
    • Mail handling
    • Control and support for the proper and safe operation of the electronic system
    • Updating of the SARF webpage
    • Drafting of files and reports to monitor the progress of projects
    • Provision of data, statistics and others to different bodies

    Head of Department: Ioannis Dafnis
    • Pre-screening of contracts
    • Management of projects implemented by the Special Account for Research Funds in accordance with laws, contractual obligations, directives of funding agencies and the Research Committee decisions. Monitoring and management of projects till their conclusion.
    • Inspection of incurred costs, execution of payment orders and control of other documents within the projects, according to legislation, contractual obligations, directives of funding agencies and the Research Committee decisions
    • Control of documents-applications of the Scientific Responsible & of funding bodies in accordance with laws, contractual obligations and the Research Committee decisions
    • Informing the Scientific Responsible of projects and the Research Committee for the general economic and administrative progress of projects
    • Provision of information to the Scientific Responsible of the Project for the optimal management of their work
    • Support during checks from audit mechanisms within projects

    Head of Department: Maragkou Evgenia
    • Management of financial and accounting operations
    • Coverage of tax, insurance and other statutory requirements
    • Monitoring and management of bank accounts held by SARF for all its activities
    • Preparation of Budget & Operational expenses and of the available cash of the SARF Secretariat, as well as the preparation of the Budget and the Report of Income and Expenditure of the total activity of SARF
    • Control and management of the Secretariat expenditure in accordance with the approved annual operating expense budgets and available cash, as well as the management of income and expenses related to fees of Professors and Lecturers of the Institute and from other universities, colleges, private entities, EU countries bodies and third countries
    • Accounting for all transactions of SARF, preparation of the balance sheet, of the General Operations and Loss Report & Financial Reporting of Projects
    • Transactions with Tax Authority of Xanthi in the framework of the overall operation SARF in accordance with legislation
    • Issuing of data under the provisions of Sec. 3 of Law. 4308/2014 for the funding of research projects
    • Check of all payment orders of the projects, issuance and distribution of checks and deposit orders
    • Reporting on audit procedures of control mechanisms in the overall operation of the Secretariat and the projects
    • Submission of reports to ELSTAT (Greek Statistical Authority), to the Financial Services Division of Ministry of Education, to the Commissioner of the Regional Authority of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace etc.

    Head of Department: Kotsanou Gethsimani
  • Conducting procurement procedures (competitions, direct awards, etc.) in all kinds of projects, as well as in the operating expenses of SARF
    Head of Department: Adamidou Chrysi
    • Continuous monitoring of laboratories and of their opportunities for participation in programs
    • Targeted information of laboratories on available financing, and on cooperation requests from other organizations, based on their interests and expertise
    • Advisory support for the participation in research proposals
    • Legal advice and assistance to safeguard research rights and cooperation agreements
    • Support in applying for a patent
    • Search for programs or funding agencies for the exploitation of research results
    • Design and planning of the operation of SARF regarding future co-financed projects
    • Continuous monitoring of calls for research projects and other projects and sending of updates to researchers
    • Support to researchers in the submission of proposals

    Head of Department: Kaimakamis Ilias
    • Design and planning of the operation of SARF regarding future co-financed projects
    • The Monitoring Department receives by each Scientific Responsible the progress reports and other project documents, as proof of progress of the completion of the individual phases of the physical object. It forwards said documents to the monitoring and receiving committee of the program; the committee is appointed by the Research Committee. It communicates to the Scientific Responsible the approval of the monitoring and receiving committee for the submission of the relevant payments.
    • Constant monitoring of the evolution of the physical and financial aspects of co-financed and other projects and submission of suggestions for their appropriate reform per case
    • Check of the datasheets of co-financed projects

    Head of Department: Kaimakamis Ilias
  • Head of Department: Apostoloumi Chrysa